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Mark O'Connor's  Mama is from our  mountains, and the  Melungeon music site is proud to offer a link to his site.
 Dr. Ralph Stanley & His Clinch Mountain Boys.
  Clinch Mountain in Tennessee is a known place where Melungeons lived. Stanley is a known Roma and Melungeon Surname.

Shalacy Manderson is one of the best new country stars I have ever heard and her Melungeon Song, written by her parents is wonderful. She has sung in Turkey, and has won awards for her web sites and for her musical talent.

Jimmy Martin, The King of Bluegrass is of Melungeon Descent. Click Here to go to a interview with Jimmy Martin. Click here to see the Jimmy Martin's web page about making the movie, "King of Bluegrass", The life and times of Jimmy Martin. I hear tell there will be a movie trailer up there soon. When It is, I will put it on the Multimedia Page, Music from the Hills and Hollows

Bill and Gary Denham have been playing music their whole lives. To hear some fine finger picking, meet the family, swap some stories, visit their site. This Melungeon Family has a lot of offer.

Elvis :-D Need we say more? His style of music, combining the black and white music of his day had the parents worried and America on alert. As a child of the 50s I remember being sold on Elvis and not noticing his olive skin and blue eyes being anything diffrent than the looks of my own family.

Where would we be without the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe.  Without Bill Monroe recording his early music in the 1920s Bluegrass may be still looked at as too ethnic. One of the good things about the Musical world in general is the way music is a living language and can be a living legacy from where we came and where we are headed.

Jean Ritchie , singer and Dulcimer player, at 80 years old she is still putting out quality music and videos. Click on her name to visit her web site.